February 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

March 5, 2020

Hello there! For my February bullet journal setup, I decided to go for a mix of Valentine's Day and sweets theme.

I made a few different pages for my journal for February and I made a cover page, a one page calendar, a mood tracker, and a two page weekly spread.

I know this was posted late but I still wanted to share my journal spreads here. :)

Cover Page

February Journal Cover

For my cover page I drew a ice cream cone with conversation hearts in the ice cream. I also drew a banner that says February in it.


February Journal Calendar

For my calendar page, I made a calendar, a cupcake with a conversation heart in it and I made a banner with hearts under the calendar. I also made a place for my video ideas and a place for a to do list.

Mood Tracker

February Mood Tracker

For my mood tracker, I made a bunch of candy and cupcakes and each piece will be colored in with a mood. Those moods are happy, stressed, sad, tired, and good.

Weekly Spread

February Journal Weekly Spread

The last pages I made was a two page weekly spread, I drew a bunch of candy on both pages and I drew heart banners on both pages.

You can watch the video here:

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