3 DIY Halloween Room Decor Ideas

October 22, 2020

DIY Halloween Room Decoration Ideas

Hey there! Here I'm going to show you how to make three Halloween room decorations. All of these DIYs use items from either Dollar Tree or Dollar General but the ribbon because I already had the ribbon.

You'll learn how to make a flower pumpkin, a wooden tray that has a glitter spider on it and a flower arrangement.

I love how all of these DIYs turned out and my favorite is the wooden tray. Which DIY is your favorite?

You can watch the video version on how to make these here.

Wooden Tray

DIY wooden tray with a spider on it

You'll need:
wooden tray
glitter spider
acrylic paint
hot glue

1. Paint your wooden tray any color you would like. I painted mine black. Also poured the paint onto the tray so I could save paint.

2. When the tray is completely dry you want to glue on your glitter spider with hot glue and when the glue is dry you're done. A tip to attach the spider is by keeping the tray down so you can align the bottom of the spider to bottom of the tray.

Since my spider is a stick on spider, it had a back piece and it can come off. So what I did eas that I took off the back piece and I put glue on it and put it back on the spider so the back would stay on better.

Then, I took the paper off of the spider so the back of the spider became sticky and glued it on so it was supported on the tray better.

Flower Pumpkin

felt flower pumpkin with a flower on it

You'll need:
felt pumpkin
hot glue

You want to get a felt pumpkin and flowers that are both from Dollar Tree. I used roses and a orange felt pumpkin.

1. Layout everything so you can get an idea of how you want your pumpkin to look like.

If you need to you can trim the flower or whatever else you need to trim down so it can fit better in the spot you want to put it. For my flower, I did trim the flower so it could fit on the leaves better.

2. Glue everything on.

So what I did was that I glued on one rose to the leaves and then I glued that to the pumpkin. After I glued the flower to the pumpkin, I took these stems that came with the flowers and cut them in half and glued them under the flower.

When you're done glueing everything on to your pumpkin, you're all done.

Flower Arrangement

halloween flower arrangement

You'll need:
mason jar
glitter branches

1. Put a small amount of stones of any color at the bottom of a mason jar.

2. Stick flowers into the jar and if the stems are too long you can trim the stems with wire cutters or you can just bend them so they're shorter. Before I went to the next step, I did add a few more stones to keep the flowers from moving when I add the branches.

3. Put some glitter branches into the jar. I only put two in the jar.

Since there is a lot of glitter coming off of these branches I suggest putting a bag underneath of the jar because glitter will make a mess.

4. Adjust the flowers and add the rest of the stones in the jar .

5. Take a piece of ribbon and tie it on the mason jar but this is completely optional. The ribbon I used was to wide so I folded it in half so it would look better. I already owned the ribbon but you can use any ribbon you would like.

When you're done adding everything you want into your flower arrangement you're all done.

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