DIY Halloween Wreath

October 20, 2020

DIY Halloween Wreath

Hello! Here I'll be showing you how to make a wreath for Halloween that has a spider and flowers on it. This wreath is very easy to make and it's affordable too!

You can watch the video version below:

You're going to need:

a floral foam wreath
hot glue
a spider or anything else you would like to put on your wreath

1. Tie yarn on your floral foam wreath  make sure you leave some extra yarn because you're going to be using it later.

2. Wrap the yarn all around the wreath.

3. When you're done wrapping the yarn you want to cut the yarn you were wrapping with and then you want to tie what you were wrapping with to the piece you first tied with and you want to cut off the extra yarn.

4. Get a spider and your flowers and pull the flowers off of their stems. If they have anything extra like stems or leaves you want to use you can pull them off too.

I pulled off three flowers, some leaves and stems that were on the stems flowers.

5. Before you start to glue everything on, you want to layout everything so you get a idea of how you want your wreath to look like.

6. Glue everything on with hot glue. If you need to you can cut off stems of the flowers so it's easier to glue them on.

7. Take another piece of yarn and tie a loop at the top of the wreath and then you're all done.

What do you think about this wreath idea? I think the wreath I created turned out looking really pretty and I also love the flowers and the stems underneath of them. 

DIY Halloween Wreath

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