DIY No Sew Moon Fabric Banner

June 11, 2021

A fabric banner with a moon on it.

Hello! In this post, I'm going to be showing you how to make a fabric moon banner. You can make the banner and the moon any size and shape that you want.

You can watch the video or you can continue reading on. You can learn how to make the banner near the beginning of the video and you get to learn how to make two more DIYs.

You will need:

Black fabric
White colored pencil
Wooden dowel of any size
Scrap paper
Something circular
Hot glue
Optional: pom pom trim

1. You want to start by placing a wooden dowel of any size next to the edge of a piece of black fabric and you want to move the wooden dowel about a half inch off of the fabric so you can see how small you need to make your banner. The size of my wooden dowel is 6 inches.

2. When you have an idea of how big you want your banner to be, you can measure and draw out your banner. You want the banner to be smaller than the wooden dowel and you can use a white colored pencil to draw the banner out. The size of my banner is about 6 x 5 inches.

3. Cut the banner out. If the the sides are not even, you can fold the banner in half and trim off the excess fabric to the make all the sides even.

4. Place the wooden dowel next to the top of the banner and you want to wrap the top of the banner around the wooden dowel.

5. Glue the top of the banner down with hot glue by lifting up the fabric and you want to add a little bit of glue. Then place the fabric back down in the glue.

You want to repeat these steps until you're done and you want to do this in sections. Also make sure you're careful because the glue can be hot and to make things easier you can use a second wooden dowel to press the fabric together.

6. Flip the banner over so your looking at the front of the banner. Then you want to trace something circular to create a moon. I traced a circle cookie cutter and I used a white colored pencil to trace it.

7. When you're done drawing the circle, you want to place the banner on top of a scrap piece of paper and paint your moon.

You don't want to paint the moon completely white. You want to leave some black spots to create craters of the moon and a way you can create craters is by painting in circular motions to create them.

You also want to make it patchy on purpose and for areas where you want a lighter white you want the paintbrush to not have that much paint on it. Something else you can do is that you can dab the paintbrush so the paint doesn't look to harsh.

8. When you're done painting the moon, you want to wait for it to dry.

9. Glue on some pom pom trim on the bottom back of the banner.

You want to do this by putting hot glue on the back bottom edge of the fabric and then you want to place the pom pom trim in the glue. You want to glue the pom pom trim on in sections so the pom poms don't get in the glue.

If you have cut the banner like mine you want to cut the strand of pom poms before going to the other side and you want to repeat the same steps on the other side.

When you're done you want to cut off any of the extra pom pom trim off of the sides so it doesn't show on the front.

10. Take a piece of yarn or something else and tie one end to one side of the wooden dowel. Then you can tie the other side of the yarn to the other side of the wooden dowel so you can make a loop so you can hang it up. I used white yarn.

11. To finish the banner, you want to trim off extra yarn but not too short or it will come undone.

That's how you make a fabric banner with a moon on it. I think it turned out looking really cute.

What do you think about it and will you be making one?

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