Easy DIY Ghost Holding A Pumpkin

October 10, 2023

A DIY ghost holding a pumpkin and wearing a witch hat.

Hi there! I wanted to share how I made a cute ghost holding a pumpkin and it's a perfect decoration for Halloween. I even put a witch hat on the ghost and I think it made the ghost even better!

This ghost can be customized to your style. For example, you can change the color of the fabric of the ghost or you can change the color of the felt for the witch hat.

However you make the ghost, it will still look cute!

Here's what you'll need:

Flower pot
Acrylic paint
Hot glue

1. I thought a flower pot would be great for the body of the ghost so I painted the sides of it white so I wouldn't see the brown through the white fabric. If you're using a different color of fabric you can paint the flower pot any color that you want.

Painting a flower pot with white acrylic paint.

2. Once the paint was dry, I glued on a piece of white fabric on the bottom of the flower pot and cut off some of the excess fabric from the sides. You don't have to use white fabric! Any color or pattern will still work.

Gluing a piece of fabric to the top of a flower pot.

3. Now in this next step I made a witch hat. I started out by cutting a full circle and a half of a circle out of felt. I did use black felt but you can use any color that you want.

4. Next I glued the half circle into a cone shape and glued the cone onto the middle of the full circle.

Making a witch hat out of felt.

5. Something I also did was that I glued on a piece of orange and black twine along the edge of the cone and to finish the hat I glued on a bow from the same twine. If you don't have any colored or normal twine you can you use whatever you would like.

Adding orange and black twine to a witch hat.

6. Then I cut out some eyes out of felt and glued them on. I also glued the fabric down on the flower pot so the eyes won't move while I was attaching the pumpkin.

7. Once I was done with the eyes, I took a glitter pumpkin off of a stick and I glued it onto the fabric to make it look like the ghost was holding it.

8. The last thing I did was that I glued on the hat.

Gluing on a witch hat and a pumpkin to a ghost.

That's how I made this ghost!

I absolutely love how this ghost turned out and I think it looks adorable holding the pumpkin. If I were to make another one I think I might use floral or a different pattern of fabric to make it unique.

What do you think about this ghost DIY and will you be making one?

A DIY ghost holding a pumpkin.

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