DIY Cardboard Magnetic Frame

August 31, 2021

Cardboard magnetic frame and planet art

Hello! In this post, you'll be learning how to make a magnetic frame out of cardboard and how to make some art you can put in it or you can create your own instead. You can also use art you already have.

I decided to create my own art. I painted a multicolored planet with watercolors. I also outlined it and added a ring on it.

If you want you can watch the video where you can find this DIY and two other decorations on my YouTube channel right here or you can continue reading.

What you'll need:

X-acto Knife
Hot Glue
You want to create a picture or you can use one you already have.

How I Created The Art

What I Used To Create The Art

Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Paint

1. Cut out a piece of watercolor paper that measures 9 x 6 inches or any size that you want.

2. Tape it down on a board or whatever you would like.

3. Trace a jar to make a circle for the planet.

4. Painted the planet one or more colors.

5. When the painting is dry, remove the tape and if you want you can outline the planet with a pen. I also drew a ring around it with a pen.

How To Create The Frame

1. Draw out four rectangles to the size you want your frame to be and you want to make sure you have enough room for your magnets and that your picture is smaller than the cardboard. I'm using the planet picture in mine which measured 9 x 6 inches so I'm making the cardboard pieces 7 x 1 inches and the magnets I used were 4 x 1/2 inches.

2. Cut all four of the pieces out with scissors or a x-acto knife. An x-acto knife is easier to cut it out most especially if the cardboard is thick.

3. Get some gold or another color of cardstock paper and trace them cardboard individually so the pieces of paper match all four pieces. If you don't have cardstock paper you can just paint the cardboard instead.

4. Cut all of the pieces out.

5. Put Mod Podge on the cardboard and place the cardstock paper onto the cardboard. If the paper isn't staying down you can place something on top of the cardboard like a book so the paper will stay on it while it dries.

6. When the Mod Podge is dry flip over the cardboard to where you don't see the color and attach the magnets to the back of all four pieces of cardboard. Make sure you put the magnets in the same place on both sides so they match.

I had some old adhesive magnets but you can use any magnets you want and if you're magnets are not adhesive magnets you can just glue them on.

7. Glue a piece of twine onto one of the pieces of cardboard and you want to glue both sides of the twine next to the magnet to create a loop but don't add to much glue because it will mess with the alignment of the magnet and the cardboard.

8. Cut off the extra twine.

When you're done creating the frame you want to put the art into the frame. You want to put the top on first and then you want to put the bottom part of the frame on.

Then you can hang it anywhere you would like.

That's how you make a cardboard magnetic frame!

What do you think about this DIY? I love the idea of using something that can be recycled to make a frame. I also love how it turned out. 

DIY cardboard magnetic frame and planet art

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