DIY Moon Phase Tray

August 17, 2021

A wooden tray with painted moon phases on it.

Hello! Today I'm going to be showing you how to make a tray with moon phases painted on the front and it also has scrapbook paper on the bottom of the tray.

You don't have to use scrapbook paper on the bottom of tray. You can definitely leave it plain or you can paint something on it.

You can also just put one moon on the tray or you can cover it with moons.

If you would like you can watch the video on YouTube right here or you can read on. The video does have a few other DIYs in it but they're also moon themed.

What you'll need:

Wooden tray of any size
Two colors of acrylic paint
Optional: scrapbook paper, scissors, and Mod Podge or another type of glue 

1. The first thing you want to start with which is completely optional is that you can take a piece of scrapbook paper and flip it over so you can see the back. The paper I used had moons on it.

2. Then you want to place it over the top of a wooden tray and you want to line up the corner of the paper to the corner of the tray.

3. When you're done lining up the paper to one of the corners, you want to mark where the other three corners are on the paper with a pencil.

4. Once you got the corners marked, you want to connect those three corners to create a rectangle and the fourth corner of the rectangle is the corner you lined up with the tray corner earlier so you don't have to worry about it.

5. Then you want to cut the extra paper off and you may need to trim it so the paper would fit better on the bottom of the tray.

6. Now you can the paint the tray any color. If you decided you want to put paper on the bottom of the tray, you don't have to paint the bottom and to save some paint you can pour it on the tray.

7. When the paint is dry you want to paint Mod Podge or another type of glue onto the bottom of tray.

8. Then you can place the paper on the bottom of the tray. If the paper isn't staying flat on the bottom, you can put stuff on top of the paper so that it sticks to the tray as it dries.

9. Now you want to draw as many moon phases as you want on one of the long sides of the tray with a pencil. I started from the middle and then I drew the moons on the sides.

I did use washi tape to help me make the the moon phases. I also used a ruler to help me make sure the first moon was in the middle and to measure the spaces for the other moons. 

10. After you're done drawing the moons, you want to paint the moons gold or another color.

11. When the moons are completely dry, you want to erase any pencil markings and then you're all done.

That's how you make a moon phase tray! What do think about it? I love how it turned out.

The bottom of a wooden tray with crescent moons and moon phases on the sides of the tray.

A wooden tray with moon phases on it.

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