Easy DIY Coffin Tray Out of Foam Board

October 22, 2021

DIY coffin tray made out of foam board

Hi there! I'm going to be showing you how to make a tray out of foam board and it's shaped like a coffin. This coffin tray is a perfect Halloween decoration for a coffee table or for whatever you want. It's also great decoration to keep all year round.

I'm going to be putting mine on a coffee table. I'll also be putting a LED candle, pumpkins and acorns in it but you can put anything that you would like on it but real candles.

You can also paint it any color and make it any size that you would like.

You can watch this video below or you can read the rest of the post.

What you'll need:

Foam Board
X-acto Knife
Cutting Mat
Hot Glue
Mod Podge
Scrapbook or Patterned Paper

1. You want to start out by drawing and cutting out a template of a coffin.

2. Trace the template onto foam board and this will be the base of the coffin.

3. Cut the base out with an x-acto knife.

4. If you would like to put a pattern on the bottom of the tray you want to trace the base onto the back of a piece of patterned or scrapbook paper now. You want to cut it out later so you can make sure it fits on the base of the tray.

5. Measure both of the longest sides of the base and measure both of them out on the piece of the foamboard

6. Cut them out with x-acto knife.

7. Trace one of the pieces you just cut out a few times so you can a have a few extra pieces already cut out for the rest off the coffin and then you want to cut it out after you're done tracing.

8. Putt hot glue on one of the long edges of the base and then you want to put the side on the base by laying the side down and placing the edge of the base on the top of the edge of that side.

While you're putting this together make sure the sides is standing up straight and the bottom of the base is lined up with the edge of the sides before the glue dries.

9. Repeat the same steps for the other long side.

10. Measure the shortest end and while you're measuring this side make sure you count the width of the two sides.

11. Cut out a piece that fits with an x-acto knife.

12. Put glue on the edges of the long sides and the base and then you want to put the that piece in the spot it needs to go.

13. Measure is one of the next two identical sides and you can measure one of these by putting the coffin on the foam board and mark where it needs to be cut.

14. Cut that side out with an x-acto knife.

15. Make sure it fits and then you can glue it on just like the other sides.

16. Repeat the same steps for the next identical side.

17. For the last end, you want to put the tray on the foam board, measure it, and mark where it needs to be cut.

18. Cut it out and make sure it fits before you go onto the next step.

19. Glue it on just like the other sides.

20. When the glue is dry, you can paint the tray any color that you want and you don't have to cover the bottom if your putting on paper on it but you do want to cover some of it so you don't see the white of the bottom of the tray.

21. When the paint is dry and if you're wanting to put paper on the bottom of the tray, you can cut out the piece that you traced earlier and make sure it fits by slightly putting the paper in the tray. If it doesn't look like it will fit you'll need to trim it.

22. To attach the paper on the bottom, you want to put Mod Podge on the bottom of the tray and then you want to carefully stick the paper on the bottom of the tray.

23. Then you're all done and make sure you wait for the tray to dry before you start using it.

 Here's what it looks like when it's finished.

DIY coffin tray

That's how you make a cute coffin tray.

I absolutely love how it came out. It will definitely look cute on a coffee table with small pumpkins, acorns, and a LED candle.

What do you think about this coffin tray?

DIY coffin tray with a LED candle, pumpkins, and acorns in it.


  1. Aww this is so creative and cute too! This will make for a great centerpiece!


    1. It definitely would make a great centerpiece. Thank you!


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