DIY Air Dry Clay Ghost Bowl

October 20, 2021

DIY Air Dry Clay Ghost Bowl

Hello! In this post, you're going to be learning how to make a ghost bowl out of air dry clay. You can make it any size that you want and you can even make the ghost into any shape that you want.

It works perfect for a desk or for a coffee table. I'll probably be putting small jewelry on it or I might use it on my desk for paper clips and binder clips. A LED candle would look really cute too. 

You can watch the video below or you can read on. There is two other DIYs in this video. The ghost bowl tutorial starts at about 5:36.

What you'll need:

Air dry clay
Rolling pin
Parchment paper
Plastic wrap
Paper to make a template
Acrylic paint

How To Create The Ghost

1. Draw and cut out a ghost template out of paper.

2. Roll out a piece of air dry clay in between two pieces of parchment paper and you want to keep rolling out the clay until its the size of the template.

3. Take the parchment paper off and if you want to you can roll out the clay a little more.

4. Place the template on the clay and press it in the clay but not to hard you just want to make sure its stays in place.

5. Cut around the template and take the extra clay off.

6. Take the template off of the clay.

7. Smooth out any cracks or anything you don't like by taking water and your finger and smooth out the sides and the top of the ghost or you can cut off anything you don't like.

8. When you like how the ghost looks, you want to take a piece of plastic wrap and put it inside a bowl.

9. Carefully pull the ghost of off the parchment paper and if its stuck you can carefully put a knife in between the paper and the clay so it comes off easier. Also if you want you can smooth out the other side of the clay.

10. Carefully place the ghost in the bowl and make sure the side you want the face of the ghost is facing up.

If the ghost is not where you want it to be you can move the plastic wrap but be very carefully because  the ghost can break or crack but if you do have cracks in the clay I'll show you how to fix it after it dries a little bit.

11. When you have the clay sitting where you want it to you can smooth out the clay with water and your finger.

12. Wait for the clay to dry a little bit or if there's any cracks in the clay you can wait for a couple of hours until the clay can hold it shape while you hold it. I'll be showing you how to fix the cracks in the next section.

How To Fix Any Cracks

1. After the clay dries a little bit and it can hold it shape while you hold it, you can fix the cracks by starting out with carefully taking the ghost out of the bowl and off of the plastic wrap.

2. To start fixing any cracks you want to wet the clay and add new clay in the cracks and keep wetting that place down with the new clay until its covered.

3. Put a piece of plastic wrap on the bottom or the inside of a bowl and place the ghost on it. Just make sure the wet side is facing up so the clay can dry.

4. Let the clay dry.

Painting the Ghost

1. Paint the ghost white or if your clay dried white you don't have to paint it. I decided to paint mine because it was covered with small black spots.

2. Draw on a face with a pencil. I drew a simple smile for my ghost but you can draw any face that you want.

3. Paint the face in.

4. Then you're all done and make sure you can let the paint dry before you start using it.

That's how you make a ghost bowl out of air dry clay.

You can use this for whatever you would like. For example you can use it for rings, small necklaces, paper clips, or you could even put a LED candle on it.

What do you think about this bowl? I think it turned out looking really cute. I love it.

A ghost bowl made out of air dry clay.

Air Dry Clay DIY Ghost Bowl

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