Halloween DIY Wood Bead Garland

October 16, 2021

Halloween wood bead garland with tassels and spiders

Hello! Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make a wood bead garland with two tassels and spiders for Halloween.

You can customize it anyway you would like. For instance you can add as many decorations or spiders that you want. You can also paint the beads any color that you want.

You can watch the video below or you can read on. There is two other DIYs in the video but the garland starts right after the introduction of the video. 

What you'll need:

Wood beads
Acrylic paint
Paper plate
2 Fake spiders
Hot glue

How To Paint The Beads

1. Putting paint onto a paper plate. Then you want to pour a little bit of water onto the plate and mix the paint with the water with a spoon. You don't want the paint to be too watery so add a little bit of water

You can defiantly test a bead by roiling it into the paint to see how it looks before you cover the rest of the beads.

2. Lay out a piece of tinfoil. This will be where the beads will lay while they dry.

3. The next thing you want to do is that you want to roll the beads into the paint with a spoon.

4. When you're done covering a bead with the paint, you want to move it over by taking a pencil and putting the lead of the pencil in one of the holes of the bead and move it over to the tinfoil. You can also pick the bead up with the spoon and move it over to the tinfoil.

Make sure the bead doesn't dry on the rounded side of the bead because it will dry weird. 

5. Repeat the same steps for your other beads and with different colors of paint. I made black, orange, and white beads and I painted 10 of each color but you can paint as many beads as you want.

6. When you're done covering the beads with the paint, you want to wait for the beads to dry before you put them onto twine.

How To Make The Tassels

1. Take some twine and wrap it around a piece of cardboard that measures to the size that you want your tassel to be about 20 times. My piece of cardboard ended up measuring to be 3 1/2 by 5 inches.

2. Cut the twine you were wrapping with.

3. Take another piece of twine and tie it at the top of the tassels will be.

4. Cut the other end to make the bottom of the tassel and this will also be cutting the twine off of the cardboard.

5. Make a loop with a long piece of twine and place it on top of the tassel. Make sure you leave enough of the end that's on top of the tassel to use later.

6. Wrap the twine around the tassel and the loop about 15 times.

7. Cut the twine you were wrapping with.

8. Take the twine you were wrapping with and run it through the loop 

9. After you pull the twine through the loop, you want to pull the twine that's from the loop and the twine that you were wrapping with until the loop disappears under the twine and makes a knot.

10. Cut the two pieces of twine you just made a knot with.

11. Trim the bottom of of the tassel to make it even or to make it shorter.

12. Repeat all of these same steps to make a second tassel.

How To Put The Garland Together

1. Put your beads on the twine in any pattern you would like and if you end up having trouble with putting the beads on the twine you can trim the twine so its easier to put the beads on.

2. Tie one of the tassels on one side of the piece of twine with the beads. You may you need to change which piece of twine your tying on so the tassel doesn't fall off.

3. Tie the other tassel on the other side of the twine with the beads.

4. Take a spider and put glue on the bottom of the spider. 

5. Attach the spider onto one of the extra pieces of twine you used to tie on the tassel.

6. Repeat the same steps 4-5 with the a second spider but on the other tassel.

7. Cut off any extra twine off of the tassels and the spiders. Then you're all done.

That's how you make this garland and I think both of the spiders pull the whole garland together.

I love how it turned out and I also love the colors that I used on the beads.

What do you think about this garland? 

Halloween wood bead garland

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