DIY Stacked Pumpkin Topiary

October 18, 2021

DIY Stacked Pumpkin Topiary

Hello! Today, I'm going to be showing how to make a pumpkin topiary for Halloween and you can decorate it however you would like.

I painted topiary with white, pink and black paint. I also painted bats on the pink middle pumpkin and a jack o lantern face on the bottom pumpkin.

Now for the top pumpkin, I glued on a spider and a flower. This pumpkin is my favorite out of the three.

Now if you would like you can watch the video version of this DIY on my YouTube channel right here or you can just read on instead.

What you'll need:

3 foam pumpkins (Mine came from Dollar Tree but you can use any foam pumpkin.)
Acrylic paint
Hot glue
Decorations you would like to put on your pumpkins.

Painting The Pumpkins

1. Take a stem out of three foam pumpkins and paint the pumpkins any color that you want. You may need to paint each pumpkin with more than one coat of paint or you'll see the orange underneath.

I painted one black and another one white. I painted the third pumpkin white and after the white was dry I painted it pink.

2. Paint a stem from one of the foam pumpkins so you can put it on the top pumpkin.

Decorating The Pumpkins

When the pumpkins are dry, you can start decorating the pumpkins. I'll show you how I decorated mine.

1. For the top pumpkin, I put the stem of the pumpkin in. Then I laid out what I want on the pumpkin so I could see what I want the top pumpkin to look like. I'll be putting a flower and a spider on mine.

2. I glued some leaves on the back of the flower with hot glue.

3. Then I glued on the stem, the flower and the spider on the top of the pumpkin.

4. For the pink pumpkin that will be in the middle, I cut out a bat template and traced it multiple times on the pumpkin in different directions.

5. Then I painted the bats.

6. For the pumpkin that will be on the bottom, I drew a jack o lantern face on the front of the pumpkin with a pencil.

7. Then I painted the jack o lantern face in with white acrylic paint.

Putting The Pumpkins Together

1. Glue the pumpkins together by laying the middle pumpkin on the bottom pumpkin to see how you want the pumpkins to look when they're together and make sure you line up the seams of the pumpkins.

2. Put hot glue on the top of the bottom pumpkin.

3. Put the middle pumpkin on top of it.

4. Put hot glue on the top of the middle pumpkin and then you can stick the last pumpkin on top.

Then you're all done making this pumpkin topiary.

You can put this into a planter or something else but you don't have to. I decided to put mine on a fake vine with fall leaves.

DIY Pumpkin Topiary

What do you think about this pumpkin topiary? I love how it came out. It looks pretty and cute.

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