October 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

October 29, 2021

Hey there! I wanted to show you my October bullet journal setup. I decided to go for a Halloween theme with ghosts, cauldrons, pumpkins, spiders, and spider webs.

Cover Page

For my cover page, I decided to draw and color in a cauldron and a pumpkin.

I also drew a two ghosts. One was flying in in the air and the other ghost was hiding behind the pumpkin and the cauldron.

I also decided to do something different. I ripped some orange paper and wrote the word October on it. Then I glued it on above the cauldron.

I didn't think I would like the ripped paper but I ended up loving it.

October bullet journal cover page with a cauldron, ghosts, and a pumpkin.

Calendar & Weekly Spread

For my calendar page, I decided to add more ripped paper and make it a to do list. I also added a pumpkin Polaroid next to it and drew a spider web under the calendar and on the top two corners of the page.

Now for my weekly spread, I drew a cauldron on the bottom and I drew the boxes for the days of the week around the cauldron.

October bullet journal calendar and weekly spread with a cauldron, ghosts, spider webs and a pumpkin.

Two Page Weekly Spread

The last spread I made for October was a two page weekly spread.

I ripped some paper and glued it onto two corners of the two pages. This created a place where I can put my notes and to do list.

I also drew some ghosts, spiders, and spider webs around the ripped paper and the boxes that are for the days of the week.

October bullet journal two page weekly spread with ghosts, spider webs, spiders, and a pumpkin.

What do you think about my October bullet journal setup?

I love how each page came out and my favorite spread is the two page weekly spread. I also love all of the ghosts because they look so cute.

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