Easy DIY Textured Canvas

March 13, 2022

Textured canvas wall art made with spackling
Hello! In this post, I'm going to show you how to make a textured canvas with spackling. Its easy to make and you can use any sized canvas.

You can even get creative and make different shapes in the spackling. I didn't do any shapes in mine because I liked how it looked.

You can watch the video below or you can read on.

What you'll need:

Canvas of any size
Putty knife

The size of my canvas is 11 x 14 inches and one container of the spackling I used almost completely covered it so if you want to use a larger canvas make sure you get more spackling than what you need.

Also the spackling I used goes on pink and when it dries its white but you can use any brand of spackling that you want.

What is needed to create a textured canvas

1. You want to start by scooping up the spackling with your putty knife.

2. Then you want to spread the spackling on the canvas and you want to keep spreading and layering it until you like the look of your canvas.

3. When you're done putting the spackling on the canvas you can wait for it to dry by following the instructions on the container or if you used the same spackling I used you'll know it's dry when it's white.

Steps showing how to create a textured canvas

4. When the spackling is dry, you can hang your canvas up on your wall or you can lay it against a wall somewhere.

Textured canvas wall art using spackling

That's how you make a textured canvas!

I love how the texture of the spackling turned out! What do you think about this canvas idea and will you be making one?


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