DIY Wood Bead Wreath

March 7, 2022

DIY wood bead wreath with pink flowers and a lace bow

Hi there! In this post, I'm going to be showing you how to make a wood bead wreath. It makes a perfect wreath for spring or summer.

You can decorate it anyway you would like. I decided to use different shaped beads, pink roses, baby breath stems, and a lace bow to create my wreath.

If you would like you can watch the video below to learn how to make the wreath and two other DIYs or you can read on.

You're going to need:

Metal hoop
Wire cutters
Wood beads
Hot glue
Lace or ribbon
Thread or twine

1. Taking a metal hoop of any size and find the line where the ends of the hoop is connected.

2. Then you want to cut where its connected with wire cutters.

3. Put beads of any shape and size on the hoop and make sure to leave enough room to glue the hoop back together.

4. When you're done putting beads on the hoop, you want to put hot glue on the part of the hoop you cut.

5. Then you want to connect the ends of the hoop together by pressing the part you cut together. If you need to you can add some more glue so it can stay together better.

6. When the glue is dry, you want to pull off the flowers you want to use off of the stems. I used pink roses.

7. Then you want to lay them on top of the metal part of the hoop so you can see how you want them to look when done.

8. Glue the flowers on the hoop or the beads with hot glue.

9. When you're done gluing the flowers, you can glue anything type of floral you would like on your wreath.

I cut and laid out some pieces of baby breath stems and cut the leaves from the flowers into pieces. Then I glued everything under the flowers.

10. When you're done gluing all of your floral on, you can take a piece of thread or something else like twine and tie a loop at the top.

11. Now to the finish your wreath, you want to take a piece of ribbon or lace and tie a bow at the top. While you're making the bow, make sure you keep the loop out of the bow so you can hang it later.

12. Then you can trim the ends of the bow to any length you want and you're all done with your wreath.

That's how you make this wood bead wreath!

What do you think about this wreath? My favorite parts about it is the different shaped beads and the lace bow. I also like how the flowers turned out on it too.

Wood bead wreath with pink flowers

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