March 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

April 1, 2022

Hello! For my my March bullet journal setup, I decided to go for a butterfly theme for each page.

I made the butterflies into many colors and sparkles around the butterflies because it fills in the blank space. It also makes each page look cuter and prettier.

The first page I made was the cover page. Then I created a calendar page and two weekly spread pages.

One of the weekly spreads is about two weeks and the other weekly spread is for the rest of the month.

Cover Page

The first page I'm going to show you is the cover page. I drew a half of a butterfly and I made it pink.

I also drew sparkles in three different shapes around the butterfly. They're in the shape of a diamond, a circle, and a star.

March butterfly themed bullet journal cover page

Calendar Page

For the calendar page, I drew a purple butterfly in the right corner with sparkles surrounding it.

I also drew some sparkles above the calendar and colored the days of the week in pink.

March butterfly themed bullet journal calendar page

One Page Weekly Spread

For the first weekly spread, I was able to put almost two weeks on it and I drew a blue butterfly in the middle.

I did draw some more sparkles just like the other pages because it filled in the white space and it looks cuter that way. I also colored the days of the week so it matches the calendar.

March butterfly bullet journal weekly spread

Here's what both of the pages look like side by side.

March butterfly calendar and weekly spread

Two Page Weekly Spread

For my last spread for March, I made a two page weekly spread with butterflies of three colors in the middle and the days of the week surrounding them.

I also drew sparkles around the butterflies and I colored the days of the week just like the first weekly spread.

March butterfly two page bullet journal weekly spread

That's my March setup!

What's your favorite page? Mine is the cover page and the two page weekly spread. I love how the butterflies and the sparkles came out.

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