DIY Spring Bottle Flower Arrangement

April 15, 2022

DIY spring and Easter themed flower arrangement in a white bottle.

Hey there! I wanted to share how I made this simple flower arrangement out of a bottle for spring or Easter. It's really easy to make and you can decorate it anyway you would like.

For example, you can paint a pattern on the bottle or add a piece of ribbon in it.

I decided to keep it white with a piece of twine. I also added pink flowers and foam eggs on sticks inside of the bottle.

What you're going to need:

Acrylic paint
Twine or ribbon
Foam eggs on sticks that you can buy premade or you can make them yourself.

1. You want to start by painting a bottle with acrylic paint with a pattern or a solid color. I just painted mine white.

2. When you're done painting the bottle, you want to wait for it to dry.

3. When the paint is completely dry, you can tie a piece of twine at the top of the bottle. If you don't want to use twine, you can use ribbon instead.

4. When you're done making the bow, you want to put flowers in the bottle.

5. Then you can put some foam eggs on sticks that you can create yourself or you can buy them premade in the bottle.

I bought mine premade. They're basically painted foam eggs with black splattered spots on them on sticks. They even have matching bows on them but bows are optional.

That's how you make this flower arrangement!

I love how simple it is to make it and how many ways it could look with paint, ribbon, or flowers.

What do you think about this flower arrangement?

A spring themed flower arrangement

A close up of a spring themed flower arrangement.

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