DIY Marble Clay Desk Clock

August 21, 2022

A marble clock made out of polymer clay.

Hi there! I had a few different colors of polymer clay and I was trying to decide what I would like to make with the clay. In the end, I decided to make a marble desk clock.

I'll be showing how to make the marble clock that's in the picture above. It's easy to make and depending how all of the colors merge it will look unique. 

You can use multiple colors or just two colors of polymer clay. I used white, pink, and purple to make my clock.

I decided to make mine small but you can make yours any size. You can even make it a wall clock if you would like and all you have to do is to add the legs on the back of the clock.

You can watch the video below or you can read on. It's the first DIY in the video.

What you're going to need:

Two or more colors of polymer clay
Clock kit
Parchment paper
Super glue
Tin foil
X-acto knife

1. You're going to create the base of the clock first and you want to start by rolling out a couple pieces of polymer clay into a rope. You're going to want roll out two or more colors and you want to roll out two of each of those colors. Also make sure you roll out more clay than what you think you need.

I rolled out two white ropes, two pink ropes, and I made one rope with purple. Then I broke it in half.

2. Now you want to lay out each rope in a pattern.

3. Then you want to bunch and twist them together.

4. After you're done twisting the clay, you want to roll it out into a rope.

5. When you're done rolling out the clay, you want to fold it half, twist it and roll it out as many times as you want. I did this about three more times.

6. When you're finished rolling out the clay, you want to roll the clay into a ball.

7. Then you want to roll the clay in between two pieces of parchment paper and the thickness of the clay will match the thickness that your clock kit allows.

You can measure the thickness of the clay with the ruler and with the hour hand you can see if the clay is big enough for the clock kit.

8. When you have enough clay rolled out, you want to pull the parchment paper off.

9. Then you want to make it into any shape and smooth out the edges of the clay. I decided to make my clock into a circle so I took a circle lid and cut off the excess clay with a knife.

10. To make the hole, you can take a knife or a straw and make a hole in the middle of the clay. This is where the clock kit will go so make sure it fits in the hole.

11. To create the legs of the clock, you want to roll out more clay and shape the clay into two identical triangles with a ruler or a knife. These two triangles will go on the back so make sure you have enough room on the back for the clock kit and the two legs.

If you want to make this a wall clock instead, you want to skip step 11 and move onto step 12.

12. When you like how all of your clay pieces look, you can bake the clay according to the instructions that's on the packaging for the clay and wait for it to cool off.

13. Once the clay has cooled off completely, you can take sandpaper and smooth out the sides.

14. Now you can take your clock kit and the base of the clay and put the clock together.

If the clock kit can't fit through the hole, you can twist an x-acto knife inside of the hole to carefully shave off the clay but make sure you don't make the hole to big because the clock kit will not fit.

15. The next thing you want to do is that you want to attach the two legs on the back of the base but if you want to make this a wall clock you can skip this step and hang it up on your wall.

You start by this by placing the front side of the clock face down on a piece of tin foil and you want to fold the tinfoil underneath of the clock until it wont move.

Then you want to scratch the surface where you want these two legs to be on the back of the clock and you also want to scratch the part of the legs that will be attached to the clock with an x-acto knife. Also make sure get the clay dust off.

16. Once you're done scratching the surfaces, you want to put super glue where you want one of the legs to go and then you want to place the leg on the clock. You want to hold it there until it doesn't move and make sure you keep the bottom of the leg leveled with the bottom of the clock.

When you're done with the first leg, you want to repeat the same steps with the other leg.

17. Before the glue dries you want to stand the clock up and see if the clock wobbles or rolls and if it does you can take a leg off and move it into a different place. Make sure you do this quick so the glues doesn't dry completely. For my clock, I ended up having to move them closer.

18. All you have to now is wait for the glue to dry and then you're ready to use it.

This is how my clock looks like in the end!

A pink, white, and purple marble desk clock made out of polymer clay

I love how all of the colors of the clay turned out and I'm happy that all of the colors worked well together. I also love how tiny the clock is.

What do you think about this clock idea and will you be making one?

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