Lighthouse Bullet Journal Setup Ideas

September 1, 2022

Hello there! I wanted to show some lighthouse bullet journal spread ideas. You'll see a cover, calendar, and weekly spreads.

You can definitely customize your spreads anyway you would like.

For instance you can design each lighthouse differently or you can add a beach next to it. The lighthouses I drew have similar styles but with different stripes and window placements.


The first spread I'm going to show you is the cover page.

I drew and colored in a red and white striped lighthouse with simple birds flying around it. I also wrote the word June above the lighthouse.

Bullet journal cover page with a red and white lighthouse.


This next page is a one page calendar spread.

It has a mini calendar with a banner underneath of it, a top half of a lighthouse on the bottom left of the page and multiple birds flying around the page.

There's also a place to write a to do list on the bottom right.

One page lighthouse themed calendar page.

One Page Weekly Spread

For the next page, I'll be showing you a one page weekly spread. It has a striped lighthouse on the right side of the page with birds flying around it.

The days of the week are in the shape of a square and it runs through the first ten days of the month. You can definitely change the size of the boxes to show more or less days.

A one page weekly spread with a lighthouse.

Calendar & Weekly Spread

Here's how both the calendar and the one page weekly spread look like together.

A one page calendar and weekly spread with lighthouses.

Two Page Weekly Spread

The last page I'm going to show you is a two page weekly spread with a lighthouse in the middle of the page with about twenty days fitting on it.

I like being able to see more than one week on a page but you can definitely design your spreads with more or less days.

A two page weekly spread with a lighthouse in the middle.

Here's a close up picture of the lighthouse.

I like how the rocks surround the bottom of the lighthouse. You can definitely add waves or sand to yours.

A close up of a two page weekly spread with a lighthouse in the middle.

That's all of the lighthouse spreads I have. Which spread is your favorite?

My favorite is the two page weekly spread. I like how many days are on it and I love how the lighthouse came out.

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