DIY Yarn Pumpkins With Foam Balls

September 19, 2022

Three orange yarn pumpkins in a basket.

Hello there! I made a few yarn pumpkins out of orange yarn and foam balls awhile ago. I love how cute they came out. I decided to use thin orange yarn but chunky yarn would work to.

So in this post and in the video below, I'm going to show you how to make yarn pumpkins out of foam balls and you can make them any size that you want.

You can also use a cinnamon stick or a tiny piece of a tree branch for the stem. I used a cinnamon stick for all three of my pumpkins.

What you'll need:

Foam ball
Crochet hook
Hot glue

Creating The Hole

1. The first thing you want to do is that you want to cut two round edges off of a foam ball with a knife. You don't have to make the edges perfect because the yarn will cover it and make sure you're being careful when you're doing this.

You can use any sized foam ball. Mine was about 2 1/2 inches. I also used an x-acto knife to cut off the edges.

2. When you're done cutting off the edges, you want to take your knife and place it on the middle of one of the flat sides and cut out a hole. Make sure you're careful when you do this.

3. Then you want to repeat step 2 on the other flat side and you also want to continue getting the foam off of the inside. You can try rotating the knife in the hole or you can cut the sides off.

You want to keep repeating the same steps 2 and 3 until you can see through the ball. Also depending on the size of the yarn that you use you may need to make the hole big and make sure you're careful when you're creating the hole.

When you're done making the hole you should have something like this.

Covering The Foam Ball

1. To cover the ball with the yarn, you want to start by cutting a long piece of yarn. I recommend doing the next steps in sections because the yarn will be to long.

2. Then you want to take one end of the piece of yarn and run it through the hole of the ball until you have about a inch or more of the end hanging out of one side of the ball. If you're having trouble pulling it through you can use a crochet hook to help pull it through.

3. To wrap the yarn on the ball, you want to take a small crochet hook and run the hook through the hole that's the opposite of where the end of the yarn is.

4. Then you want to take the end of the yarn and wrap it around the hook.

5. After you wrap that yarn around the hook, you want to pull the hook back out with the yarn and you want to keep pulling the yarn until you can tighten the yarn around the ball.

6. When you're done you want to do steps 3-5 again and after you pull the yarn through you want to move the yarn next to the yarn that's already on the ball.

7. Keep repeating the same steps 3-6 until you reach the end of the yarn.

8. When you reach the end of the yarn, you can tie both ends of the yarn into a knot. You want to tie the knot next to the hole and this will be the bottom of the pumpkin.

9. After you're done tying the knot, you can tie a new piece of yarn into a knot onto the knot you just tied.

10. After you're done tying the yarn together, you want to repeat all of the same steps 3-6 until you're done with your next section. Also after you wrap the yarn a few times around the ball you can trim the yarn the knot.

11. When you're done, you want to take a new piece of yarn and tie it into a knot on the end of the yarn that's already on the ball.

12. Repeat all of the same steps to finish your pumpkin and after you go around the ball a few times you can cut the yarn from the knot.

Adding The Stem

1. To finish off the yarn, you want to trim the yarn you were wrapping with but make sure you leave enough yarn to go inside of the hole on the bottom of the pumpkin which is the side with the knots.

2. When you're done trimming the yarn, you want to push the end of the yarn inside of the hole that's on the bottom of the pumpkin with the end of your crochet hook.

3. The last thing you want to do is that you want to put hot glue in the hole at the top and you can put a cinnamon stick or something else in the hole for your stem.

That's how you make your own yarn pumpkins. I love how cute and tiny my pumpkins came out. I think the cinnamon sticks make them look cuter.

I decided to stick them in a basket with raffia and acorns but you can do whatever you would like.

What do you think about this DIY idea and will you be making some?

Three orange yarn pumpkins made out of foam balls in a basket.

The top of three orange yarn pumpkins in a basket.


  1. Love you pumpkins!very good job!you do good work Emily


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