DIY Christmas Hoop Centerpiece

November 22, 2022

A Christmas hoop centerpiece with red flowers, gold bow, and a LED candle.

Hey there! I looked for some inspiration for some Christmas decorations on Pinterest and I saw some hoop centerpieces. So I decided I would make myself one and then I would show you how to make your own Christmas hoop centerpiece.

It's actually really easy to make and you can customize it however you would like. You can even make it any size that you want!

I added red flowers, pinecones, a gold bow and I also put a LED candle in the middle. If you don't have a LED candle you can fill the rest of the space of with flowers and maybe you can add string lights.

Now to learn how to make this centerpiece, you can read on or you can watch the video below. The DIY starts at about 1:48.

What You're Going To Need:

Metal hoop/ring of any size
Hot glue
Scissors and wire cutters
Ribbon or a premade bow
LED candle or string lights

1. You want to start out by taking putting hot glue on a small section of a metal ring.

2. Then you want to place the ring in on the middle of a plate and make sure it stands up straight. You can also add more glue to make it stays where you want it.

3. Once the hoop has been glued down, you can pull or cut any floral you would like to put on it with wire cutters or scissors.

4. If your using a LED candle this is the time to place it in the middle so you have an idea of where you want it to go.

5. The next thing you want to do is that you want to layout where you want everything to go for the front and then you can glue everything on with hot glue. Just make sure you don't get anything glued on the candle.

6. When you're completely done with the front, you can repeat all of the same steps on the back to be finished with the flowers.

7. If you're having trouble with keeping the LED candle standing up, you can glue something on the plate to hold both sides of the candle up like extra stuff flower the flowers you don't need or paper.

I ended up using two plastic pieces that were connected to the bottom of the leaves.

8. The last thing you want to do is that you want to glue on a bow. You can do this with a premade bow like me or you can make one. 

9. Once you have your bow all you'll have to do is that you want to remove the LED candle and then you can glue the bow at the top of the ring. If you want to you can put glue on the back of the bow so the bow will stay on better.

10. When you're done with your bow, you can place the LED candle back where you want it and you're done. Also if you don't have a LED candle you can just string lights with more flowers in the middle or you can do whatever you would like.

That's how I made my Christmas hoop centerpiece!

Here's some close up pictures of the bow, pinecones, LED candle, and flowers.

A close up of a gold bow on a Christmas hoop centerpiece.

A close up of red flowers, pinecones, and a LED candle on a Christmas hoop centerpiece.

Now here's the final look of the centerpiece all together.

A hoop centerpiece for Christmas with red flowers, gold bow, pinecones, and a LED candle.

The centerpiece I created looks so beautiful! I love the flowers I used and the bow. Also those two pinecones I used make it look perfect.

What do you think about this centerpiece and will you be making one?

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