Christmas DIY Paper Roll Candles

November 19, 2022

Red and white paper roll candles.

Hello there! I saw a few ideas where you can make fake candles out of paper towel or toilet paper rolls for mostly Halloween so I figured why not make some that are Christmas themed.

They're really easy to make and they're perfect for a table centerpiece or on a shelf.

You make them any size or color that you want. I painted one candle red and another white but you can try painting one with red and white stripes or gold.

These paper rolls candles don't have to be painted with Christmas colors. You can go for a winter theme or any theme you would like. I decided to go for a Christmas theme because they would work perfect for where I want to put them.

Now to make you own paper roll candles, you can read on or you can watch the video below. This DIY is the first DIY in the video.

You're Going To Need:

Paper towel or toilet paper rolls
Hot glue
LED tealight candle
Optional: Glitter

1. To make a paper roll candle, you want to start by getting a empty paper towel or toilet roll and if you need to you can cut it down to the size that you want with scissors.

2. After you're done cutting the paper roll, you want to carefully put hot glue on the edge of one of the opening and then you can add more glue to make it appear that its dripping down just like a candle.

3. When the glue has completely dried, you can paint the paper roll and the glue any color that you want. You also want to let this first coat dry.

4. Now when the first coat of paint dry, you want to paint a small section of the paper roll and then you can sprinkle fine glitter on the wet paint. You want the glitter to match the paint. Also, if you don't want to use glitter you can just give the paper roll a second coat of paint and go onto the next step.

5. As soon as you're done with the first section, you want to keep repeating the same steps all around the paper roll until your done.

6. When the paint has completely dry, you want to put something in the paper roll so a LED tealight candle can sit on the top. 

I decided to use a piece of tin foil but you can use whatever you would like. Also if it's needed, you can glue whatever you put into the paper roll where you want it to so it doesn't move.

7. The last thing you want to do is that you want to place a LED tealight candle on the top and you're all done.

Here's how my candles look in the end. I love how the glitter shows up on both of the candles.

White and red candles made out of paper rolls.

Here's a close look of how the glue turned out when the paint dried. They really do look just like melted wax on candles.

A close up of a red and white paper roll candle.

I love how both of my candles turned out. I love the glitter and how the glue looks like candle wax.

What do you think about these paper roll candles and will you be making any?

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