DIY Winter Yarn Wreath

January 8, 2023

A winter yarn wreath with a deer, bow, and flowers.

Hey there! I wanted to make a winter themed wreath so I decided to make a wreath with yarn, flowers, a bow, a bell, and a deer ornament in the middle.

If you don't want to make the wreath with yarn you can definitely use something else like ribbon or you can use a grapevine wreath form instead of a foam wreath form.

You can also decorate it however you would like. For example, you can use any type of ornament you would like for the middle of the wreath or you don't have to put a bow on the wreath.

What you'll need:

Foam wreath form
Hot glue
Wire cutters
A deer or a different winter animal ornament.

How To Wrap The Yarn On The Wreath

1. The first step is that you want to tie the end of a piece of yarn into a knot on  your foam wreath form and make sure you leave some extra yarn left over because you're going to need it later to help you tie a knot.

2. Once your done tying the knot on the wreath, you want to wrap the yarn around the wreath until you filled the whole wreath form up with yarn.

3. When you're done wrapping the yarn on the wreath form, you want to cut the yarn you were wrapping with.

4. The next thing you want to do is that you want to tie the yarn you were wrapping with to the first knot you created on the wreath form into a knot and then you can trim it with scissors.

How To Decorate Your Wreath

1. To decorate your wreath, you can pull or cut off fake flowers and leaves from their stems. Also if any leaves you want to put on the wreath are connected together, you can cut them into separate leaves and put them under the flowers.

2. Then you can layout how you want your everything to look on the wreath and you can also trim the stems a little bit so they'll lay how you want on the wreath.

3. Next, you want to glue the flowers on first by putting hot glue on the back each flower and then you can put each flower where you want it on the wreath.

4. Then, you can glue the leaves or anything else you want under the flowers by putting glue on the back of the object you want to put under the flowers and then you can put it under the flowers.

5. When you like how your wreath is looking so far, you want to take a deer ornament and cut off the ribbon from it.

6. Then you want to put hot glue on the hooves of the deer.

7. Then you can place the deer behind the middle of flowers and on the middle of the wreath.

8. Once the glue is dry, you want to tie a piece of yarn in a loop on the top of the wreath so you can hang it up later and you can also trim the extra yarn from the knot but make sure you don't cut it too short.

9. A optional step you can do is that you can glue the knot from the loop to the back of the wreath so you won't see it or you can hide it by gluing it down underneath under a bow.

10. One of the last things you can do is that you can make a bow out of ribbon and then you can glue it over the loop you just created.

11. Another optional step you can do is that you can glue on a bell over the middle of the bow with hot glue.

That's how you make a winter yarn wreath!

If you need a little more help, you can watch the video below.

Final Look

In the picture down below, you can see how mine looks when I finished it.

A white yarn wreath with a deer, a bow, and flowers.

Now in the next three pictures, you can look at all of the details if the wreath close up.

You can look at the bow, bell, deer ornament, or the flowers to help create your own.

A close up of a bow with a jingle bell on a top of a wreath.

A close up of a deer on a winter yarn wreath.

White flowers on a winter yarn wreath.

I love how cute and pretty it looks! The deer fits perfectly with the wreath and the white flowers look really pretty.

I also really like the ribbon I used for the bow. It has snowflakes on it and you can see through the ribbon. Also, the bell looks perfect on the middle of the bow.

What do you think about this winter yarn wreath?

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