My 2023 Yearly Bullet Journal Setup

January 26, 2023

Hey there! I bought a new journal for my 2023 bullet journal. I went for a simple theme using pink ripped paper and washi tape in a few different colors. I even added some sparkles and flowers on some of the pages.

I also made a cover page, a 2023 calendar page, a events page, a goals page, and a favorite songs page.

I'm hoping these spreads will give you inspiration for your new journal or for journal spreads for any month.

Let's get started with the cover page!

Cover Page

My cover page has two pieces of pink paper in two of the corners of the page. There's also floral and gold washi tape on top of the paper.

I also added sparkles and "hello 2023" in the middle of the page.

A bullet journal cover page with pink paper, washi tape, and the words hello 2023.

2023 Year At A Glance & Events

On the next page, I made a place where I can see all of the months of 2023. I even added some washi tape on the bottom of the page and some glitter washi tape at the top.

A year at a glance 2023 calendar page.

On the page next to the year at a glance, I made a page to write any events that will happen in the year 2023.

I added glitter washi tape on the top of this page too. I also added some pink ripped paper on the bottom with gold and flower washi tape on top of it.

An events page for a bullet journal.

Here's how both of the pages look together.

I like how I can see all of the months and where I'll see the events. I also like the how the pink paper and washi tape turned out on these pages.

A 2023 calendar and events page.

Goals & Favorite Songs

For the next page, I made a simple goals page with boxes, flowers, and washi tape.

My goals for 2023 are separated in four boxes. Those goals are health, creative, personal, and food.

You don't have to do these goal categories. You can do whatever you would like!

A goals bullet journal spread with washi tape and flowers.

Now for this last page, I made a place where I can write my favorite songs in 2023. I also drew the same flowers that I drew on the goals page and added washi tape and pink ripped paper.

A bullet journal spread idea for your favorite songs.

Here's how the goals and favorite song pages look together.

I like how simple and cute it is. 

Spread ideas to write goals and favorite songs in a bullet journal.

Final Thoughts

I really like how my setup tuned out for my new journal. I'm hoping these journal spreads will help me reach my goals and keep me organized.

What do think about this setup and which journal spread is your favorite?

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