DIY Hexagon Wall Organization & Decor

July 14, 2017

DIY Hexagon Decor Wall Organization & Wall Art

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you how to make this hexagon decoration idea. This idea can be used for organization or it can be used just as wall art. I made mine out of cardboard. This can also be made out of cork board. This organization DIY is great for dorm rooms or a office. You can also make the hexagons any size you would like.

You will need...

cardboard or cork board
scissors and a x-acto knife
a glue gun
paper for a hexagon stencil
command strips
push pin

1. Draw or print out a hexagon stencil and cut out the stencils. I printed out a big one and a small one.

2. Before you make any hexagons, you need to if the push pins go through the cardboard or cork board to far. You could damage the wall behind the cardboard or cork board because its to thin. You could fix this by layering the hexagons. You can do this by pushing the pin through some scrap cardboard or cork board and place a couple pieces of cardboard there to see how many layers you will need so the push pin won't hit the wall.

If you want to make my design I had three layers, one layer is from a thicker piece of cardboard and the other two layers are from a thinner layer. Your layers will depend on how thin and thick your cardboard or cork board.

If you are using thin cardboard you might have to make a couple layers and if you are using cork board, you can ignore this step unless your cork board is to thin.

3. Now you can draw your hexagons on the cardboard or the cork board for all of your layers and cut them all out. For the design I created and if your using cardboard, you will need fifteen big hexagons and twelve small hexagons.

Before you start putting the hexagons together, check if the push pins go through the cardboard.

4. Take one hexagon, that will be your bottom layer, and take the hot glue gun and put glue on it. Then take the middle layer and place it on top of the bottom layer. After you do that, glue the top layer on top of the middle layer.

You can trim the hexagon down before and after you glue it. Just be careful after you glue it because it's harder to trim the hexagon.

Do the same thing to all of the hexagons.

5. Now you can paint your hexagons. I painted mine pink, gold, purple, and one with chalkboard paint. You can paint these before or after you glue them together.

6.  Lay your hexagons out to see how you want to lay them out.

7. After you find the layout you want, put the command strips onto the back of the hexagons and follow the command strip instructions to see how much the strips can hold and how many strips you will need. I only needed one but if you have bigger hexagons you will need two or more.

8. Put the hexagons on to the wall and wait for one how before you put anything onto the hexagons.

9. After one hour you hang up pictures or notes. If you have a chalkboard hexagon draw or write something on it.

DIY Hexagon Decor Wall Organization & Wall Art

Final Thoughts!

and that's it! This DIY is really cute for dorm rooms or a office. What you think about this DIY?

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