4 Cheap DIY Halloween Room Decor Ideas

October 24, 2019

Hello there! Here in this blog post and in the video I'm going to show you how to make four affordable DIY Halloween room decoration ideas. I'll be showing you how to make a flower pumpkin, a vase with ornaments and string lights, a wooden jack o' lantern pumpkin, and you'll learn how to make a ribbon wall hanging with spiders.

Almost all of DIY material can be found at the dollar store but some of these DIYs can be made with things from other places.

You can watch the video here:

DIY Ribbon Wall Hanging

Halloween DIY Ribbon Wall Hanging

What you'll need:
one or more colors of ribbon
wooden dowel
hot glue

1. Cut some pieces of ribbon at any length and as many as you want and make sure they're long enough to be folded in half. You can use one or more colors of ribbon. I used black sparkly ribbon and orange ribbon.

2. Layout your pieces of ribbon so you'll have an idea of how you want it to look.

3. Fold a piece of ribbon in half and then you can place it under a wooden dowel. Then you can pull the two ends of the ribbon through the loop and tighten it. You want to follow these steps until you're done until you have enough ribbon on the wooden dowel.

4. After you're done putting on all of the ribbon, you want to tie a piece of twine onto both ends of the wooden dowel so you can hang it on a wall.

5. When you're done tying on the twine, you can hang it onto the wall and trim the ribbon.

6. You can leave as it is or you can take some fake spiders and lay them out where you would like them to be.

7. Tie a piece of string for each spider onto the wooden dowel

Glue the spiders onto the strings and make sure you stretch the string so you make sure the spider is in the right place.

You can also glue a spider onto the wooden dowel with hot glue and if you need to you can trim the string that the spiders are attached to

9. The last thing you can do is that you can trim off any excess twine and string.

DIY Wooden Pumpkin

Jack O Lantern DIY Wooden Pumpkin

What you'll need:
wooden pumpkin

You're going to need a wooden pumpkin or one of a different color or you can make one yourself. I got mine at Family Dollar.

1. Flip the wooden pumpkin over to the back and peel off the stickers

2. Carefully peel off the bow from the glue and  do not peel off the glue it will take the paint off

3. Once you got the bow off, you want to draw a jack o lantern face on the pumpkin with a pencil. You can use a ruler to help find the middle or measure the face.

4. Paint the jack o lanterns face in and you want to wait for it to dry before going onto the step.

5. Once the paint is dry, you can take the bow from earlier and tie it on to the stem. If you don't want to use what was used on the pumpkin you can use something else. You can also carefully turn the bow to the other side so you can use that side instead.

When you're done tying on a bow, you're all done.

DIY Vase

Halloween DIY Vase with Ornaments and String Lights

What you'll need:
battery powered string lights

1. All you have to do is to start putting the string lights in first and putting the ornaments in as you put the string lights in.

2. Once your done you can hide the battery behind the vase and place the vase anywhere you would like.

DIY Flower Pumpkin 

Halloween DIY Flower Pumpkin

What you'll need:
ceramic pumpkin
fake flowers
hot glue

You're going to need a ceramic pumpkin with any design on it from Dollar Tree and flowers which can come from anywhere. My flowers came from Michaels a few years ago.

1. Pull off some flowers. I only pulled off three but you could add more if your flowers are smaller.

2. Glue on the flowers with hot glue. You may need to hold the flowers there for a few seconds so the flowers stay put.

When you get all of the flowers onto the pumpkin, you're all done.

That's how you make all of these Halloween room decoration ideas!

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