Farmhouse DIY No Sew Fabric Carrots

April 19, 2020

Farmhouse DIY No Sew Fabric Carrots

Hello there! Here I'm going to be showing you how to make carrots out of fabric. These carrots are really easy to make and they make a perfect farmhouse spring room decoration idea for any room.

What do you think about these fabric carrots?

You can watch the video here:

What you will need:

Hot Glue

1. Draw and cut out a triangle template of any size out of paper. I made mine to be 5 1/2 inches by 9 inches. If you need to you can make the template even on the two long sides you can fold the template in half and trim it.

2. Trace the template onto the back of your fabric. Your fabric can be any color. I made my carrots orange.

If you don't want to use a template you can freehand the triangle. I did this to create my largest carrot and I made this triangle to be about 7 inches by 9 inches.

3. Cut out your triangle.

4. Lay the down with the front side of the fabric facing up. You can lay the triangle on a piece of scrap paper so you don't get glue on anything.

5. Then you can put glue on the edge of the triangle with hot glue and then you can fold the carrot over into the glue .

6. When the glue is dry, you can flip the carrot inside out. You can use a pencil, a paintbrush, a stick or a wooden dowel to help flip the carrot inside out.

7. Trim the top of the carrot to make it more even at the top.

8. Stuff the carrot with pillow stuffing. You don't want to stuff the carrot all the way to the top because you want to leave room for the carrot to be tied with twine. You can use a pencil to push pillow stuffing to the end of the carrot.

9. Take about 15 or more pieces of raffia and bunch them together. To make sure the raiffa is long enough before putting it into the carrot, you can put the bunch of raffia inside of the carrot. Make sure you leave some extra length on the raffia because some of it will go inside of the carrot and some might be trimmed off.

10. Twist the end of the raffia together and put some glue on the raffia so it can stay together better.

11. Put more glue on the end of the raffia and put the raffia inside of the carrot. If you need you can trim the raffia before putting it inside of the carrot.

12. Then you can tie a piece of of twine around where the stuffing ends into a bow and if you want to you can trim the raffia to make it look more even or you can leave it as is.

13. The last thing you can do is that you can glue a button on the middle of the bow and then you're all done.

That's how I made these fabric carrots!

DIY No Sew Fabric Carrots on a Tray

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