2 DIY Aesthetic Phone Case Ideas

March 26, 2021

2 DIY aesthetic phone case ideas

Hey there! I'm going to be showing you how to make two clear phone case ideas and they're both really easy to make. I'll be showing you how to make a phone case with a grid and polaroid on it and another phone case idea with a planet and flowers on it.

My favorite is the one with the planet and flowers on it. Which one is your favorite?

You can watch the video below.

What you'll need for these DIYs:

Clear phone case
Cardstock paper
X-acto knife

Grid & Polaroid Phone Case

DIY phone case with a black and white grid and with a polaroid on top.

1. Trace a clear phone case onto a piece of cardstock paper and then you want to cut it out.  You can use a x-acto knife to cut the camera hole out.

2. Draw out a grid with a pencil.

I made the grid by eyeballing the first line and it helped me figure out how big I wanted the rows to be. Then I added tiny lines to the top and the bottom for the rows and I measured them apart to be about 1/2 inches wide.

Then to finish the grid, I lined up the lines and connected them to make a row.

I repeated these same steps for the rows that go the other way.

3. You can either outline your grid with a pen or you can color it in with anything you want.

Since ended up not liking the outline of the grid, I erased the pencil markings and then i colored the grid in like a checkerboard. I used a black marker to color in mine.

You can mark each box you want to color to be in so you don't mess up and you can put a scrap piece of paper underneath of it so you don't make a mess.

4. To make the polaroid, you want to start off by measuring how wide your paper for your phone is and you want to make your polaroid smaller than that.

5. Draw the polaroid out on a piece of cardstock paper and cut it out. I made my polaroid to be 3 x 2 inches.

6. Before you go on to the next step make sure the polaroid fits where you want it to be.

7. Draw the frame of the polaroid and this is where your image will go.

The measurements for the frame is 7/8 of a inch from the bottom and 1/8 of a inch for the three sides.

8. After you're done drawing the place where the image will go, you can draw anything that you want in that spot with a pencil first. I drew three sunflowers.

9. When you're done drawing your image, you can go over it with a pen.

10. When the ink is dry you can erase any pencil markings.

11. Color your image in with anything that you want. I used markers.

The last things I did was that I drew some lines on the flowers to give them some more detail and I also outlined the image but outlining the image is completely optional.

12. When you're done with your polaroid, you can put it on the top of the grid with tape or glue. I used double sided tape to attach the polaroid.

13. Put the paper in the phone case.

Flower & Planet Phone Case

DIY phone case with a planet and flowers.

1. Trace a clear phone case onto a piece of cardstock paper and cut it out. You can use a x-acto knife to cut out the camera hole.

2. Draw out a planet and some flowers behind the planet with a pencil. I traced washi tape to create a circle for my planet and I also drew three sunflowers and some vines behind the planet.

3. Go over your drawing with a pen.

4. When the ink is dry you want to erase any pencil markings.

5. Color in your design. I used markers to color mine in.

I painted the planet pink and I left the ring white. The sunflowers were colored in yellow and brown and the vines green. I also drew some line detail on the flowers and I was done.

6. When you're done with your drawing you can put the paper in the phone case.

That's how you make these phone cases! I love how the both of them turned out.

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