3 DIY Recycled Room Decor & Organization Ideas

May 23, 2021

A cardboard tray, tin can planter, and a dish made from a plastic lid.

Hello! In this post I'm going to be showing you how to make three room decor and organization ideas that you can make with trash. You'll learn how to make a tin can planter, a cardboard tray and a dish out of a plastic lid.

If you would like you can watch the video below or you can read on. :)


Cardboard Tray

A tray made out of cardboard.

What you'll need:

Hot glue or any type of glue that you want.
Acrylic paint

1. You want to start by cutting the base of the tray out of cardboard. Mine was about 7 x 5 inches or any size but you can make it any size.

2. For the sides, you want to measure how big you want them to be and you're going to start with the short sides first. The short sides for my tray measured about 5 x 2 inches.

3. When you're done measuring the short side, you want to cut two pieces out.

4. After you're done cutting them out, you want to glue them on with hot glue.

You want to do this by putting hot glue on the short edge of the cardboard and then you want to place the edge of the short side you just cut out on the edge of base.

A tip to make things a lot more easier is that you want to have the short side laying down so you can line up the base to the edge of the shorter side.

5. When you're done attaching the first short side, you want to repeat the same steps for the other side.

6. To create the long sides you want to measure them the length of the whole long side including the short sides.

The way how you want to do this is by placing what you have of the tray so far and you want to place it over the cardboard you'll be cutting. Then you can mark where it needs to be cut and cut it to the length it needs to be.

The long sides for my tray measured about 7 5/16 x 2 inches but the size of yours might be different because of how thick your cardboard is from mine and how large you made the base.

7. When you're done cutting out a long side, you can glue them on with hot glue. You want to put glue on the edge of the base and the short sides and then you can place the piece you just cut on it.

8. After you're done glueing on that long side, you want to create another long side and repeat the same steps for glueing on the other side.

9. When the glue is completely dry, you can paint the cardboard tray with any color of acrylic paint. I painted mine black

Now when the paint is completely dry, you can put anything that you want on it but don't carry it around with the stuff on it because it might break and make sure it doesn't get hot so it doesn't light on fire. I used it to organize my desk.

Tin Can Planter

A pink tin can planter with a succulent in it.

What you'll need:

Tin can of any size
Cardstock paper
Hot glue
Plants and rocks

1. Start by taking your tin can and line the tin can up to the top edge of the long side of a piece of cardstock paper of any color.

2. Then you want to mark where the bottom of the can is on both sides of the piece of paper so you'll have one mark on one end and one at the other end.

3. Now you can line both marks together with a ruler and make a line.

4. When you're done creating this line, you want to cut it out.

5. Put a line of glue on the tin can.

6. Then you can put the edge of the paper in the glue and then you want to wrap the paper around the tin can.

7. When you're done wrapping the paper around the tin can, you want add more glue and place the paper in the glue.

Then you're all done. You can put anything that you want in the can. I put a fake succulent and rocks in it. I also put paper towels in the bottom so I wouldn't use a bunch of rocks.

Dish From A Plastic Lid

A dish made from a plastic lid.

What you'll need:

Plastic lid of any size.
Acrylic paint

1. You want to find a plastic lid of any size and paint it any color with one or more coats of acrylic paint. I used a plastic lid from a container and I painted it white.

2. When the lid is dry, you can paint the outside of the lid any color that you want. I painted it gold.

When the lid is dry, you can start using it for anything that you want.

That's how you make these recycled room decoration ideas.

Which one of these ideas is your favorite? Mine is the cardboard tray because how small it is and how perfect it is for my desk.

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