February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

March 3, 2022

Hey there! Today, I'm going to show you my bullet journal setup for February. I decided to go for a house theme for this month.

For my cover page I decided to draw a house with a fence. One of the windows and the door knob is in a shape of a heart. I also drew and colored in a bush that has hearts on it. 

February bullet journal cover page with a house

The next two pages I created was a calendar page and a one page weekly spread.

For my calendar page, I drew a couple heart banners and a chair with a heart pillow.

Now for the weekly spread I drew a window with a plant sitting on the ledge. I also drew simple white curtains with red ribbon to keep them open.

February bullet journal calendar and weekly spread with a couch and a window

The last spread I made was a two page weekly spread. I drew some strings with hearts on them and heart banners. I also drew and colored in some heart balloons.

I did draw another house with a fence on the bottom right. I made the door knobs into hearts and drew some red hearts in the bushes just like the cover page.

February bullet journal two page weekly spread with a house and heart banners

What do you think about my journal spreads for this month? I think this is one of my favorite themes I did for my journal. I love how the houses turned out.

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