Planet and Galaxy Themed Art Journal Ideas

April 22, 2022

planet and galaxy themed art journal with paint, paper, and tape

Hello! In todays blog post, I wanted to share my very first art journal spreads. I decided to go for a planet and galaxy theme.

If you're wanting to do galaxy or planet theme for your journal, I hope this gives you some inspiration for your art journal.

Galaxy Pictures

For the left side of the spread, I used cardstock paper, scrapbook paper, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, and washi tape to create these journal spreads.

So for the left side of the spread, I cut out two squares out of scrapbook paper and I also cut two larger rectangles out of white cardstock paper.

When I was done cutting everything out, I glue each square onto each rectangle. I made sure I left a space at the bottom and a small border around the other three sides.

After I was done creating these, I glued them down and added some washi tape to make it look like they're taped down to the paper. I love how the washi tape matches with the theme of the pages.

galaxy themed art journal spread with scrapbook paper and tape

Watercolor Planets

Now for the right side, I painted some multicolored planets with watercolor paint. I did this by blending two colors of paint in the middle of each planet and I waited for the paint to dry before going onto the next step.

Then I painted around the the planets with black acrylic paint and waited for the paint to dry.

When the paint was completely dry, I watered down white acrylic paint and flicked the bristles of my paintbrush to make stars. Then I painted a ring on the middle planet.

watercolor planets in a art journal

In the picture below you'll see how both of the spreads look together.

I love how each page turned out and I also love how the colors of the planets turned out. My favorite one is the middle planet.

What do you think my first art journal spreads and will you be making something similar?

galaxy and planet themed art journal spreads

If you would like you can watch how I created these pages in the video below.

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