April 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

May 1, 2022

It's April so that means I created a bullet journal setup for it! I went for a Easter egg theme this month and I'm happy how it turned out. I think it's one of the most colorful themes I have done.

I drew each egg inside a basket, surrounded by grass, or I drew them to look like they're falling. I also drew some triangle shaped banners on all of the pages besides the cover page.

Cover Page

The first page I'm going to show you is the cover page. I drew five eggs and colored them with different designs and colors. I also put them inside of a basket and wrote "April" above it.

I love how each egg came out. I think the basket make it look even cuter.

Easter egg and basket themed April bullet journal cover page

Calendar Page

The calendar page has three eggs above the days of the week on the calendar. The calendar also has a triangle shaped banner hanging on the bottom of it.

On the bottom of the page, I drew a pink and white striped egg and a purple and white polka dot egg in some grass.

Easter egg themed April journal calendar page

One Page Weekly Spread

My one page weekly spread has the first through the twelfth of the month highlighted in blue.

It also has three striped eggs sitting in grass on the bottom.

A one page Easter egg themed April journal weekly spread

Calendar & Weekly Spread Together

This is how the two pages look together.

I wasn't going to color in the grass to the bottom but then I decided to because it looked better that way.

Easter egg themed April journal weekly spread and calendar

Two Page Weekly Spread

For the my last spread, I did a two page weekly spread. It goes through the rest of the days of the month.

I drew five eggs on this spread. There's a pink polka dot and a yellow chevon egg on the left side. They both look like they're falling.

On the right, I drew a geometric egg, striped egg, and a flower patterned egg sitting in grass. I also drew another triangle flag banner on the top of the right page.

A two page Easter egg themed April journal weekly spread

That's my April bullet journal setup! I think this egg theme is one of my favorites themes I have ever done. I like designing the eggs for each journal spread.

What's your favorite spread? My favorite is the cover page and the two page weekly spread. I love how all the eggs came out.

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