DIY Air Dry Clay Pumpkins

October 16, 2022

Three fall and Halloween themed air dry clay pumpkins.

Hey there! I decided to make tiny pumpkins out of out of air dry clay and I'm going to show you how to make them.

You can make your pumpkins any size and color that you want. I decided to make mine tiny.

I painted my pumpkins with a fall and Halloween theme in mind but you can paint yours any color that you want. I painted one pumpkin black and gold, a second one orange and black, and for the third one pink and black.

To learn how to make pumpkins out of air dry clay you can watch the video below or read on.

You'll need:

Air dry clay
Parchment paper
Plastic wrap
Something with a end that is round to blend the stem onto the pumpkin. I used a crochet hook.

1. Start by rolling a piece of air dry clay into the shape you want your pumpkin to be in with your hands. 

2. Once you're done shaping your pumpkin, you can poke a hole where you want the top of the top of the pumpkin to be and another hole at the bottom of the pumpkin to be with a toothpick. Now if you want, you can put your pumpkin on a piece of parchment paper so you don't make your surface messy.

You don't want these holes too big. You just want it big enough to see it because it will be hidden underneath of the stem or underneath of the pumpkin when you're done.

3. After you make both of the holes, you want to put the sharp end of the toothpick next to the hole on the top and you want to press the round edge of the toothpick in the clay until you get to the other hole on the bottom.

4. Once you get to the bottom hole, you want to do this three more times but you want to divide the clay into four equal sections.

5. After you divide the pumpkin in four sections, you want to follow all of the same steps but you want to add another line in between each section. and when you're done the pumpkin will be divided into eight sections.

If you made you're pumpkin larger than mine, you can definitely add more sections to the pumpkin.

6. Whenever you get your new sections done, you can roll the round edge of the toothpick in each line that you made and you can also smooth out anything that you messed up or don't like with your finger. This will help round out each section of the pumpkin and clean up the pumpkin.

7. When you like how your pumpkin looks so far, you can take your toothpick and put detail on each section of the pumpkin. You can do this by taking the sharp end of your toothpick and lightly make a few thin lines in each section.

Something to keep in mind is that you don't want to make these too deep because you won't be able to get a paintbrush in there to paint it.

8. Now you're ready to make your stem. You can start out by rolling out a rope with you're clay and you can make the stem any length and thickness that you want.

9. When you're done rolling the rope of clay out, you can flatten the bottom of the stem. You also want to rip a little bit off of what you just flattened because it will be easier to blend the bottom of the stem onto the top of the pumpkin.

10. To attach the stem onto the pumpkin, you want to take your finger and push down where the hole is on the top of the pumpkin.

11. Then you want to take a knife or a toothpick and score where you pushed down. You also want to score the bottom of the stem.

12. When you're done scoring the clay, you want to put water on the scored part of the clay and place the stem where you want it.

13. Then you can twist the stem.

14. To blend the stem on the pumpkin, you can take the end of something round and blend the stem and the pumpkin together. I used the end of a crochet hook.

15. After you blend the stem onto the pumpkin, you want to give the stem some texture by making lines on the stem with your toothpick and you can poke where the edge of the stem is on the pumpkin so the the bottom of the stem has texture.

16. When you like how your pumpkin looks, you can place it on a piece of plastic wrap and wait for it to dry. You can look at the instructions on the packaging of your clay to find out how long it will take.

17. When the clay is completely dry, you want to paint your pumpkin any color that you want and then you're all done.

That's how you make pumpkins out of air dry clay! Here how all of mine came out.

Three pumpkins made out of air dry clay.

In the next three pictures, you can see what each pumpkin looks like close up. You'll be able to see the texture on the stems and how the sides of the pumpkins look.

A black and gold air dry clay pumpkin.

A orange and brown pumpkin made out of air dry clay.

A pink and black air dry clay pumpkin.

I think mine turned out really cute! I also love the colors I chose for them.

What do you think about these air dry clay pumpkins?


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