DIY Spider Web Wreath

October 13, 2022

A spider web wreath with orange flowers and spiders.

Hey there! I wanted to make a wreath for Halloween so I decided to a spider web wreath form, orange flowers, glitter branches, and spiders for it.

I also decided to get a piece of chain and jump rings because I thought it would help it hang better and it would look pretty with the wreath. You don't have to get a chain for it because it's an optional step.

If you would like to learn how to make this you can read on or you can watch the video on my YouTube channel right here. It's the last DIY in the video and it starts at about 8:09.

What You'll Need

For your wreath, you can use any wreath form you would like. I decided to use a spider wreath form but if you can't find one like the one I'm using you can just use a hoop.

Some other things you can get is branches, flowers, spiders, and whatever else you would like. You're also going to need wire cutters, chain, jump rings, pliers, and hot glue or you can use another type of glue if you want.

How To Put Your Wreath Together

1. Before you glue anything on your wreath, you want to pull off or cut your items with wire cutters and then you can lay them out where you want them to go.

I decided to put most of my floral stuff on the bottom but you can put it anywhere you want.

2. When you have an idea of where you want everything to go, you want to glue everything on the ring or the web of the wreath. Something you do want to do is that you want to put your wreath on something so you don't glue the wreath onto the surface you're working on.

You can glue everything thing on in any order that you would like but I glued the flowers on first. Then I glued the branches, leaves, and spiders on.

3. Now after you're done gluing everything on your wreath, you can flip it over and add more glue on the back of everything to make sure everything stays in place.

4. Then if you have any spaces you would like to add more stuff to you can do it now to finish it.

How To Add The Chain

Something optional you can do is that you can a chain to the wreath or you can leave it how it is. Depending on your wreath you may not be able to add one.

1. Now to add the chain your wreath, you can start by opening up a jump ring with pliers or you can use something else.

2. Then you want to place it on the outer ring and close it a little bit so you got it on the wreath but you have enough room to add the chain on it.. I found it easier to close it with my hands but you can use whatever you want to close the jump ring.

3. When you're ready, you can put your chain in the jump ring and close it completely.

4. After you close the first jump ring, you can put a second jump ring on the other side of the wreath just like how you did in step 2.

5. Now when you're putting the second jump ring on the wreath, you can see how long you want your chain to be and if you need to you can carefully cut it.

I was able to cut it with wire cutters but depending on the size of your chain you may need to use something else that can cut something thicker.

6. After you cut the chain, you can put the chain in the jump ring and close it completely.

Then you're all done with your wreath.

Here's how my wreath turned out when I was finished!

A spider web wreath with spiders, branches, leaves, and orange flowers.

Also here's a close up of how the flowers, branches, leaves, and spiders look on the bottom.

A close up of flowers on a spider web wreath.

What do you think about this wreath?

I love how it turned out! I love the color of the flowers and I also love how the spider underneath of the flowers is placed.

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