DIY Carrot Wreath Door Hanger

February 18, 2023

A orange and green carrot wreath door hanger with a bow.

Hey there! I created a carrot wreath door hanger a few days ago and I wanted to share how you can make one too. It's easy to make and a great decoration DIY for spring or Easter!

I decided to make the carrot base with a foam cone and I wrapped it with orange yarn. I also used some fake green plants for the top of it and I couldn't forget to add a bow to it!

Now before you start making your carrot, you're going to need a some things to make it.

Here's what you'll need:

Foam cone of any size
Orange yarn
Hot glue
Green plants
Wire cutters

Once you got everything you need to make your carrot you're ready to make your own.

Lets get started!

1. You want to start by putting hot glue on the smallest part of a foam cone.

2. Then you want to roll the the end of a piece of orange yarn into a flat spiral.

3. When you're done creating a spiral, you can put it in the glue.

4. Now all you have to do is that you want to keep adding glue and wrapping the yarn into a spiral on the smallest part of the foam cone until it's covered up with yarn.

5. When you're done covering the smallest part of the cone, you can add some glue on the side of the cone that's next to the spiral and then you want to start wrapping the yarn around the side of the cone.

6. Then you want to keep wrapping and gluing the yarn until you have covered the cone with yarn. Also you do want to make sure you keep the glue on the same side of the cone because you might see the glue through the yarn. Don't worry that the glue will show because this will be the back.

7. When you get to the largest part of the cone, you want to keep gluing the yarn on the cone but you want to leave a empty spot that's big enough to push some of your green plants through the foam.

8. Once you're done putting the yarn on the cone, you want to cut the yarn.

9. While you wait for the glue to completely dry, you can cut some green plants for the top of the carrot with wire cutters.

10. Then you can push the the stems through the empty spot that's on the largest part of the cone.

11. When you're done pushing the plants through the foam, you can glue the plants in place with hot glue .

12. The last thing you can decorate the carrot with is a bow. You can do this by making a bow out of ribbon and glue it on the front of your carrot.

13. When you like how your carrot looks you're ready to create a way to hang it.

You can do whatever you would like but what I did was that I glued on a piece of twine in arch shape on the back of the carrot. Then I added more glue to make sure it stays and hangs right.

I also added a pieces of felt over the glue to cover the twine so It would look better.

That how you make your own carrot wreath door hanger!

If you need any more help, you can watch the video below.

Final Look

Here's what my carrot looks like. The bow adds so much to the carrot and it turned out looking cute.

A carrot wreath door hanger with a bow.

What do you think about this carrot wreath and will you be making one?

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