DIY Striped Wooden Tray

February 10, 2023

A close up of a pink and white striped wooden tray.

Hey there! In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make a striped wood tray that's perfect for Valentine's Day or for whatever you want.

This wooden tray is completely customizable! You add things like banners or other designs. I just drew stripes on mine because it made it a simple DIY.

Lets get started with what you'll need for this wooden tray.

What you'll need:

Wooden Tray
Two Colors of Acrylic Paint

1. The first thing you want to start doing is that you want to paint a wood tray any color that you want and this color will be your first stripe colors.

2. When the paint has completely dried, you want to measure out stripes at about a half of an inch all around the tray with a pencil and a ruler.

3. Then you can paint every other stripe in with any color of acrylic paint that you want. I painted my stripes pink.

4. Once the paint is completely dry, you're all done with your tray and you want to put anything that you would like on it.

If you would like a little more help with making this wooden tray. You can watch the video below. This DIY tray starts at 4:14.

Final Look

In the pictures below, you get to see how my tray came out and how I set up my tray.

I put a flower vase and a garland in the tray. I also surrounded the tray with pink glitter hearts and red heart doilies.

A close up of a striped wooden tray.

A striped wooden tray with a flower vase and a garland in it.

A pink and white striped wooden tray.

My Final Thoughts & Question Time!

I think this wooden tray turned out looking very cute! I love the colors that I chose and how I set it up in the pictures.

If I were to add anything to this tray, I might add some other decorations like a cute banner running across the front or I could add hearts in the stripes. 

I'll probably keep it how it is because I do like it but I do like having options to change it up in the future.

What do you think about this wooden tray idea and if you were to make one what holiday would you make it for?

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