Valentine DIY Heart Wall Hanging

February 4, 2023

A heart wall hanging with roses, a glitter heart, leaves, lace, and ribbon.

Hello! I wanted to share how I made this really cute and pretty heart wall hanging for Valentine's Day. It's easy to make and you can put anything that you would like on it.

I thought it was going to look boring at first so that's why I added lace to it but it's definitely an optional step you can do. I think when I added the lace it made it look so much better and it gave it more of a Valentine feel to it.

I also added red roses, a glitter heart, leaves, and ribbon on mine. I love how everything looks in the middle of the heart.

Now if you would like to learn how to make this DIY you can read on or you can watch the video below. It's the first DIY in the video!

What you'll need:

Wood heart wall hanging
Acrylic paint
Fake flowers
Hot glue
Optional: Glitter heart or lace

1. The first thing you want to do is that you want to start out by painting your wood heart wall hanging with any color of acrylic paint and wait for it to dry. I painted mine with white acrylic paint.

2. When the paint is completely dry, you want to cut a piece of ribbon that's big enough to wrap around to the back of the heart.

3. Then you want to put the ribbon on the middle of the heart and glue it down on the front of the heart.

4. Then you want to flip the heart over and glue the ends of the ribbon on the back of the heart.  Now while you're doing this make sure the ribbon is straight on the front before the glue completely dries so you can fix it if you need too.

5. Now you want to get everything ready to be glued on. You want to start by pulling off your fake flowers and leaves from the stems. 

You can even cut the leaves into separate leaves and you can find a glitter heart. If the heart has a stick you can pull it off or cut it.

The next couple of steps is optional so if you don't want to add lace anywhere you can just create a regular bow and go to step 8.

6. If you would like you can glue a piece of lace over the top of the ribbon and glue it down just like how you glued the ribbon down.

7. Now if you would like to make a bow with lace, you want to start out by placing a piece of lace over a piece of ribbon and tie it into a bow. If you don't want to add lace, you can just tie a regular bow.

A tip to keep the lace in place is that you want to take hot glue and glue the lace where you want it so the lace stays in place.

8. When you're ready to put your wall hanging together, you can lay out your flowers, heart, bow or whatever else you would like on the heart wall hanging.

9. Then you want to glue everything on. I glued the bow on first and then I glued on the flowers, heart, and the leaves.

10. Once the glue has dried, you're all done and you can hang it wherever you would like.

Here's what my heart wall hanging looks when I was done.

A white heart wall hanging with roses, a glitter heart, leaves, lace, and ribbon.

A close up of a white heart wall hanging.

I love how cute and pretty this turned out!

I really like how the lace brings it together and I love the red roses in the middle.

What do you think about this heart wall hanging?

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