January 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

January 30, 2020

Here is my bullet journal setup for January! I decided to go for a penguin theme for this months setup.

I made a 2020 and a January cover page. I also made a calendar and a weekly spread.

I love how all of the pages came out and I most especially love how my penguins came out looking. What do you think about these journal spreads and which one is your favorite?

You can watch how I made these pages in the video at the bottom of this blog post or you can click the video to watch it on YouTube.

2020 Cover

For my 2020 cover page, I decided to draw plants around a circle that says "hello 2020" inside of it. I decided to keep it black and white because I like how it looks.

2020 Journal Cover Page

January Cover

For my January cover, I drew a penguin and snowflakes with a pen and with a marker I wrote the word January.

January Journal Cover Page


For my calendar page, I drew a penguin with earmuffs on the bottom right of the page. I also drew some snowflakes and a calendar. I also made a to do and video idea list under the calendar.

January Journal Calendar Page

Weekly Spread

For my two page weekly spread, I made four columns for Monday through Friday and I made a fifth column for Saturday and Sunday.

On the left side, I wrote the word January with a marker and I made snowflakes on both sides of the weekly spread. I also made a igloo and a penguin on the left side.

January Journal Weekly Spread

You can watch the video here:

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