DIY Christmas Sock Gnome

November 22, 2021

Christmas DIY sock gnome with a yarn beard, a red flower and a bell.

Hey there! In this post, I wanted to share how to make a sock gnome and how to make a beard out of yarn for it. This gnome is Christmas themed and it's also easy to make.

I'll probably put mine on a shelf later. I also might put some lights and trees behind the gnome. I think that would look pretty and cute.

You can watch this video below to learn how to make this or you can read on.

What you'll need for this gnome:

A pair of socks
Rocks or pebbles
Pillow stuffing
Hot Glue
Wood bead
Optional: Fake flower, bell, and a clipboard.

1. The first thing you want to do is that you want to get a pair of socks of any color and you want your socks to be longer than the ankle like crew socks or knee socks. I used Christmas colored slipper socks.

2. When you picked out your socks, you want to take one of the socks and put some rocks or pebbles inside of the sock.

You want to put enough rocks or pebbles so the gnome can stand when it's all done. I used some pink and clear pebbles.

3. Stuff the sock with pillow stuffing up to about where the ankle would be. Make sure the rocks or pebbles are on the bottom of the sock and flat while you stuff the sock.

4. When you're done stuffing the sock, you want to roll down the sock until you reach the pillow stuffing and put some hot glue on the sock.

Then you want to press the sock together and roll it back up after pressing it together.

5. For the beard, you want to start by cutting a piece of yarn that measures about 12 inches or a little bit larger than the body of the gnome and you can use any type of yarn that you want.

6. Tape the piece of yarn down. You can also put one end of the yarn on the clip of the clipboard and then tape down the other end.

7. Take another piece of yarn and measure how long you want your beard to be by folding it half and laying it on the gnome body.

8. Then you can cut multiple pieces of yarn of that length. I recommend cutting the yarn a little but longer than what you want it to be so it doesn't become to short. You can always trim it later.

9. When you're done cutting some yarn, you want to fold one of the pieces of yarn in half.

10. Then you want to put the fold under the yarn that's taped down and pull the ends though the fold.

Repeat step 9 and 10 for the rest of the beard.

11. When you're done making your beard, make sure you like the size of it on the gnome and if its to big you can push them closer together or remove yarn.

12. When you like your how your beard looks on the gnome, you want to glue it on with hot glue and you want to start from the middle. Then you can glue the rest of the beard on.

13. The next thing you want to make is the nose. You want to get a wood bead of any size and you want place it where you would like the nose to be on the top of the beard so you get an idea of where you want it to be.

14. Put hot glue on the hole of the bead and place the hole of the bead on the beard.

Make sure that the hole of the bead with the glue on it is hidden in the yarn and if you need to you can add more glue behind the bead.

15. Take the other sock and put it on the gnome. This other sock will be the hat.

16. Glue it in place by putting glue on the nose and putting the sock over the hole of the bead.

17. Glue the rest of the sock where you want it to be and make sure you glue the hat down all around the gnome.

18. Trim the beard to the length or shape that you want it to be.

You can also trim the two ends of the piece of yarn that's being used to hold all of the yarn together but make sure you don't cut it too short because the yarn might come off. You can put some extra glue there and cover it with the hat so the yarn and the hat stays where you want it to be.

19. Some optional things you can do is that you you can glue on a fake flower onto the side of the hat and you can also glue on a bell onto the end of the hat or you can decorate it in anyway you would like. You can also keep it how it is.

That's how you make this Christmas sock gnome!

I love how this gnome came out. I think the flower and the bell brings it together.

What's your favorite thing about this gnome?

Christmas DIY sock gnome with a yarn beard

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